Upgrade Boba Network to the Anchorage Framework

Author: Gian K, Jason Y, Alan C


This document proposes an upgrade to the Boba Network’s technical infrastructure through the adoption of the Anchorage framework, a system developed on the foundation of Optimism’s Bedrock architecture, with enhancements that are unique Boba Network. This upgrade makes Boba Network one of the first layer 2 networks to operate with the robustness of diverse execution clients while aligning the network with the most current form of EVM. It also introduces support for proto-danksharding (part of the Ethereum Dencun upgrade), reducing gas costs while scaling the network, and Account Abstraction, enabling a much smoother web3 user experience.


Execution Client Diversity

One of the reasons for the robustness of Ethereum as a network is the diversity of its execution clients. Even if one implementation of an execution has been compromised there are other implementations that keep the network operating.

The Anchorage upgrade will feature Erigon as the sequencer for Boba Network, and Geth as a verifying replica, thus bringing execution client diversity to the network. This improves the likelihood that a verifying replica would be able to catch an error committed by the sequencer due to a software defect.

The introduction of this upgrade, Boba Network EVM more closely aligns itself with Ethereum’s EVM. This will be accomplished by leveraging the external consensus (engine API) originally introduced to support the Merge to push most rollup components into independently maintainable external processes. This approach ensures a streamlined, efficient integration that maintains high performance and reliability.

Gas Costs

A significant benefit of this upgrade is the anticipated reduction in gas fees by approximately 40%, making transactions on the Boba Network more cost-effective and user-friendly. Furthermore, the integration is designed to leverage the advancements of the upcoming EIP-4844, also known as proto-danksharding, which is expected to further reduce gas fees across Boba Network, enhancing efficiency and accessibility for all users.

Account Abstraction

Introducing Account Abstraction into Boba Network fosters a new ecosystem for dapp development, flexible developer side account customization to enable the addition of user-friendly new features on the network. Available to Boba Network will be the usage of any ERC-20 token to pay for transaction fees.

Account Abstraction opens a path for future development such as, but not limited to, oAuth for authentication, custom account spending limits, co-sign transactions and custom signature algorithms.


The Boba Mainnet’s state will be captured and migrated to the Anchorage architecture. Then a hard fork will occur and the network will operate under the new framework.


This proposal will be presented for one week on the forum, initiating the voting process thereafter, which will conclude on March 23rd. Upon approval, the implementation of the upgrade is expected to take place around the first half of April 2024, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of Boba Network.


Awesome Gian!

I will be supporting the proposed Anchorage upgrade, as outlined above. This initiative represents a significant leap forward for the Boba Network and introduces innovative enhancements that promise to redefine our network’s capabilities.

The move towards execution client diversity, with Erigon as the sequencer and Geth as a verifying replica, not only mirrors the robustness of Ethereum but also significantly elevates Boba’s reliability and security, ensuring the resilience of Boba Network against potential vulnerabilities.

Lastly, Account Abstraction is particularly exciting and something we’ve all been waiting for. By enabling a more flexible and user-friendly framework for dapp development and transaction fee payment options, Boba Network is poised to lead in the innovation of web3 user experiences.

Looking forward to having this implemented!


That’s a great idea!

Recently, Mantle successfully transitioned from OVM architecture to OP Bedrock through the Tectonic Upgrade. I believe this was the right decision. This also presents an opportunity for the Boba Network to join OP Labs’ Super Chain.

The implementation of Account Abstraction is a highly anticipated aspect.


Upgrade is a no brainer and what everyone has been looking forward to