Proposal for integrating NFTs into Boba Ecosystem

Hello everyone, I’m a smol nft artist mainly doing pepe art from generative styles to collections to customs to foundation auction pieces. I would like to offer my services to the project as I feel there’s a potential especially in the nft marketplace for boba. From browsing on nfttofu, its quite apparent that there’s not much going on Boba as compared to other L2 marketplace.

I was once approached by one of the team members (march) to hire me to make mascots for the project similar to that for dopex with their diamond pepes but never heard from the team ever since. I would like to be part of the boba ecosystem and grow along it and thus writing this.

I’m offering my services to make a couple of mascots representing the boba brand itself (can be new characters or pepe themed since is an iconic character on ct). Previously was commissioned for 20 pieces first and see how it goes. I can also offer to make memes, announcements, trivia based on those mascots to grow the identity for boba. I can also make nfts for giveaways, staking rewards, bridging nfts, lottery prizes, custom bobas etc.

Some of my suggestions how to use the nfts-

  1. Have mascots representing the boba brand (e.g- a character wearing boba merch & drinking boba in various design & forms)
  2. Use said mascots for daily or frequent updates on the platform can be memes to gms to gns to random updates or announcements/giveaways
  3. NFTs as additional staking rewards (different tiers )
  4. Different nfts for different purposes- longer staking lock-up period= higher apy or the longer you lock, unlocks additional nft as rewards.
  5. NFTs used to determine roles in discord
  6. Use $BOBA to participate in lotteries to win nft (different prices, tiers weekly) (pancakeswap)
  7. Trivia for nft
  8. Anyone who bridges x amount of eth gets an nft (arbitrum)

Might not be what the team is currently looking for but I’m just shooting my shot.

Here’s some links to some of my portfolio/collabs-


FOUNDATION- Based Plebs | Foundation

FWENVERSE (collab)- FWENVERSE | Foundation



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this is a great idea - what we can do is:

  • create you a gauge once vetokenomics are live
  • let community vote on emissions to your gauge to build this out
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Love the collection, but I’m primarily biased towards anything Pepe related. A Boba themed collection with an iconic internet character would bring attention to the network and Boba Network needs more projects, specifically NFT’s that incentive usage and TX on the network and I feel the suggestions provided can definitely help accomplish that. I would be supportive of this proposal.

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thank you my fren for the lovely feedback! i’m hyped already! i just feel that so much memeable things can come out of this and gain traction, the most basic thing like bridging to get say an nft would already generate attention across